Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Biodome IQ Test

Intelligence testing is a standard part of most of my worlds.  Inspired by the Creatures IQ test developed by Danikat, I have devised a similar test using the Biodome metaroom. 

The test begins at the very bottom right of the Biodome.

All eggs are collected via the Advanced Egg Collector, which along with the Vocabulizer are connection to a timer.The grids and colored dots show room boundary and CA links and are just two of the incredible functions of Amaikokonut's  Magic Words Room Edits, one of the most invaluable agents I have ever used.

After hatching, Norns must navigate doors and lifts (Elevines) in order to reach food, fruit and seeds.
There are two possible routes: Norns may either travel through the door (Torii) to the right, or use the Elevine to the left. 

Regardless of which method is used to travel up to the second subterranean level,  a Norn  must be able to resist elevator, door, machinery/toy fixation in order to progress to the next level and avoid starvation.

 I'm pretty strict. If a Norn does not pass within a few minutes after reaching childhood, they are disqualified and usually exported. Most of the genomes I use in my world are edited so that survival and navigation instincts and drives kick in as a baby, rather than as children. Survival of the fittest starts at birth, after all...

I've tried creating intelligence tests using other metarooms as well, but the Biodome seems to be the most useful aside from the original Workshop test. Has anyone else made their own version of an IQ test? I;d love to hear about it! I'm always looking for new ideas and scenarios!

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