Sunday, April 8, 2012

A few notes about my play-style...

A few notes about my play-style.

I am not a developer by any means. I’m a total amateur. Speaking of which, I am terrified of pissing someone off by posting pictures of “genetic breeds” that I’ve put together using various combinations of breeds, sprites and body data. I don’t know how I will possibly be able to give due credit. I have seen requests to not use a particular developer’s breed/sprites to create new breeds, so I am curious as to how best I can post pictures without being guilty of copyright infringement. Let me clarify: I did NOT create or design any of the Creatures-related images you will see in this blog. 

I can’t believe how long I fiddled with Docking Station before delving into any of the really good stuff.  Discovering LiveGMS was like discovering the game all over again. I save the genomes of norns that interest me the most or show the most potential (and okay yes, sometimes because I like the look). After doing a “genome check” to determine whether or not there are any major genetic errors that are far beyond my level of understanding; as long as everything looks good (or fixable by myself), the genome is saved in a special folder and eventually injected into a world using either the Portable Egg Layer for DS or the Eggernator for DS.

There are several things I do before any norns are allowed to roam around a world:

Move the teleporters from the Meso, Capillata hub and the Comms Room to into [expanded] inventory.

Next, I inject the following agents as if on auto-pilot:
Arreteur de norns
Camera Fixer
Creature Counter
CoC Pots
Dummy Control
Egg Finder Advanced
HLM Patch
Hand Sight DS
Medical Moniter
Mini Copier DS
Portal Intelligence Core
Timer DS
Vocabulizer DS

Some type of intelligence test is always performed to ensure that norns with problematic genes and poor drives won’t weaken the gene pool. The Egg Finder Advanced (DS)  is placed at the bottom of the workshop and connected to the timer which is placed in the containment chamber out of reach of creatures. I despise lifts and buttons, so I have gotten into the habit of removing both in favor of Elevines. 

 I have also "designed" an intelligence test for the Biodome metaroom, which I’ll come back to another time.

There are many, many other agents that I regularly use. Those listed above have just become my basic, standard world setup.

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