Friday, April 27, 2012

Bohemia Case Study

Subject Zero: Bohemia-2nd generation
805 Genes;
Ran a "genome check" through LiveGMS: The only offspring with standard number of brain genes and no genetic errors.

Father: Quipo (Quip genetic breed)                                                        Mother: Elfina (Elfie genetic breed)

Both genomes need some more work, but seem stable enough to start a new project.

Only sleeps for a moment. Literally, no more than a second or so.

Chemical values documented using the Biochemistry Set
Log begins around 34 min of age in Meso
Moved to Veridia at 42 minutes old(around 9min log time)
Reached adulthood at 44min (around 11min log time)
Log ends at 45 min (13min log time)
Average chemical values calculated using Excel:

Genome saved.
Genetic alterations and further studies to be posted soon. 

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