Thursday, October 4, 2012

Breed Intelligence Study-Part 2: Males

The male testing results are finally complete. The table is sorted by the length of time (in minutes) between reaching childhood and passing the test (reaching the Meso).
The Treehugger was irritating to watch as he was a total fool in regards to doors and lifts. He frequently complained of being crowded but remained stationary and gazing at the elevine for a few frustrating minutes as my sympathy for him started to fade. Here he is around 7 minutes old.

He was, for the most part, completely ignored by the other guys, so much of his chatter was a bit overdramatic. Mister Bondi, on the other hand, was bullied by a few others before he had the common sense to exit the workshop as he was entering childhood at 15 minutes.

Like his female counterpart, Beowulf's needs were minimal. He stomped around with a scowl and discovered that pushing Elevines resulted in extreme boredom and made him unnecessarily sleepy.

A slight hunger for carbohydrate finally begins to emerge around 15 minutes old, but he seemingly wills this need away.                        

 He certainly takes his sweet ol' time, but he does finally reach the Meso as an adolescent at 21 minutes, and he seems quite excited by the sight of fruit.

Next up: visualizing the data with tables and charts. Stay tuned for part 3!

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